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Knut Åshammers latest episode of Spitfire Glory, based on the book of the same name by Tor Idar Larsen is now online!

Episode III – Test Pilot
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6th June 1943, a different life for Captain Leif Lundsten begins. After 21 months of active service flying Spitfires in 331, it was time for a long waited leave. There was however hardly any time for rest; it was war and Leif was needed to fill a crucial role in the ever expanding RAF. Join him in the dangers of test flying, the thrill of acrobatics and the unique experience to fly one of the first Griffon-powered Mk XIV’s.

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Spitfire Glory by Knut Åshammer and Tor Idar Larsen

Spitfire Glory by Knut Åshammer and Tor Idar Larsen

Spitfire Glory follows Major Leif Lundsten’s career as a RAF fighter and test pilot during WWII. He served with No. 331 Squadron at North Weald, then as a test pilot for Supermarine at Worthy Down and Chattis Hill.

One of the few to fly hundreds of different Spitfires and serve actively in a frontline squadron for years, Leif’s expertise and combat experience would earn him the trust of all his fellow squadron members and superiors. Appointed Squadron Leader for 331 Sqn in preparation for the D-day invasion, Leif Lundsten led his squadron with professional skill and integrity until his tragic disappearance over Normandy on 9th June 1944. He was never seen again.