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Norwegian Spitfire Foundation will paint Spitfire Mk IX RR232 in Norwegian Wing Commander Rolf Arne Bergs personal camo for its visit to Norway this summer. A scheme Berg used only for a couple or more weeks during WWII. The Norwegian flag on wings and rudder was not to RAFs taste and approval. Rolf Arne Berg was the Wing Commander of 132 Wing during 1944-1945 and had his initials RAB on the Spitfire. He got his wings at Kjeller Aerodrome pre-WWII. Spitfire RAB will arrive to Kjeller together with NSF operated aircraft P-51 Mustang The Shark and the Norseman 18 June 2017. NSF is working on helicopter rides where you can fly together with Spitfire RAB in the air. Valid for both Sola and Kjeller.

At 2055 Saturday 3 June , Spitfire RAB flew over the barn in the southwestern part of the town of Eelde where Wing Commander Rolf Arne Berg was shot down and killed in February of 1945. Accompanied by P-51 Mustang “The Shark”, we did a missing man formation. (photo via Lars Ness and Eskil Amdal, pilots in Spitfire RAB and The Shark)