Norwegian Spitfire Foundation is proud to be in cooperation with Norwegian Spitfire Foundation.

Norwegian Spitfire Foundations goal is to exploit the tremendous channel of communication within a flying Spitfire to:
– remember and tell the story of this aircraft and its importance for the outcome of WWII and for the creation of the Royal Norwegian Air Force.
– show the Spitfire in its true element as an inspiration to younger generations.
– to focus on history, aviation and aerospace technology.

Norway needs an airworthy, flying Spitfire!

We want to display this legendary aircraft in its right element so the public may experience the characteristic and georgeous look of the Spitfire in the air, and to hear the special engine noise from the fantastic Rolls-Royce Merlin engine.

A Spitfire is a unique machine to own – it is The Ultimate Collections Item!

Historically, its been a very good investment to own a Spitfire. During the middle of the 1990s, a flying Spitfire was valued at five million NOK. Today, it would be worth 20 million NOK.

The two Norwegian Spitfire squadrons, 331 and 332, were amongst the best squadrons in the entire allied air force during world war two.

The efforts made by the Norwegian Spitfires were of great value to the allied warfare. The Norwegian squadrons set a very high standard indeed, something that is still characteristic to Norwegian aviation to this day.

A flying Norwegian Spitfire will create enthusiasm and pride. It will recieve great attention wherever it is displayed, and will have a very important part in the teaching the public about Norwegian aviation and war history.


Norwegian Spitfire Foundation