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Tor Idar Larsen is a published writer and webmaster in both Norwegian and English language. In Norwegian language, he’s written “Gladiator”, a book about Spitfire pilot Finn Thorsager. This book is translated and published in English via Fontill Media Publishing titled “Viking Spitfire”. His second English publication is “Into the Swarm” co-authored with Chris Yeoman. His third English publication is “Mosquito Attack!”, a translated and heavily updated book first published in 1945. His fourth English publication is due in 2016, called “Spitfire Glory” deals with the amazing wartime career of Major Leif Lundsten a squadron leader and test pilot with Vickers-Armstrong.

He also self-published a Norwegian WWII novel called “Myggstikkerne” (Mosquitobiters) in 2013 which tells the story a flight of Mosquito pilots in 1943. Another novel titled “En helvetes ålreit krig” (“Hell of a decent war”) deals with a Spitfire squadron in 1942. It was released in 2016. A follow up to “En Helvetes Ålreit Krig” is loosely titled “Der Dragene Dør” (Where Dragons Die) and will pick up the story once again.

His main inspiration comes from Norwegian authors Cato Guhnfeldt and Kjell Hallbing, but also from English novelist Derek Robinson.

He’s written several articles for Norwegian aviation magazines, as well as British aviation magazines. He writes and photographs for own his website dedicated to historic aviation called spitfirepilots.com, which primarily put focus on the fighter pilots of WWII. The websites own Facebook page got over 13 000 likes.

He’s also a board member of the Norwegian Spitfire Foundation which operates a Harvard, a Norseman and a P-51 Mustang on the European airshow circuit.

Author Tor Idar Larsen

Tor Idar Larsen signing books at North Weald Airfield Museum 2016


Norwegian language books

Finn Thorsager

Gladiator – Finn Thorsager, fra jagerpilot til flykaptein (2009)

Mosquito novel

Myggstikkerne (2013)

Spitfire novel

En Helvetes Ålreit Krig (2016)

Lundsten bio

Legenden Leif Lundsten (2011)

War novel

Dager i april (2012)














English language books

Yeoman & Larsen

Into the Swarm (2013)

Finn Eriksrud

Mosquito Attack (2015)

Finn Thorsager

Viking Spitfire (2012)

Leif Lundsten

Spitfire Glory (2016)