Norwegian Spitfire Foundation is proud to be in cooperation with Norwegian Spitfire Foundation.

Norwegian Spitfire Foundations goal is to exploit the tremendous channel of communication within a flying Spitfire to:
– remember and tell the story of this aircraft and its importance for the outcome of WWII and for the creation of the Royal Norwegian Air Force.
– show the Spitfire in its true element as an inspiration to younger generations.
– to focus on history, aviation and aerospace technology.

Who we are:

Lars Ness:
SAS pilot. 25 years experience airshow pilot flying historic aircraft.

Eskil Amdal:
Test pilot with the Royal Norwegian Air Force on F-16s and F-35s. Airshow pilot and instructor on historic aircraft.

Per Dybdal:
30 years experience in law. Historic aviation enthusiast and RC pilot.

Gunnar Arnekleiv:
Pilot with the Norwegian police helicopter service. 16 years experience as a pilot and instructor on historic aircraft.

Frode Indregård:
Aircraft mechanic at AIM at Kjeller, Norway. 25 years experience as a mechanic on historic aircraft.

Finn Terje Skyrud:
SAS pilot. Former air force pilot with the Royal Norwegian Air Force. Experienced pilot on historic aircraft.

Tor Idar Larsen:
Author of several books about historic aviation, web-administrator. Master degree pedagogy.


Norwegian Spitfire Foundation